Engineering Decks

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Engineering Deck, Workpod Bay, Engine Room, and Aft Parts Storage Hold

Scale: 1 square = 1.5 meters

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DECK X: Primary Engineering Deck

No Tom Foolery here, we work for a living on this deck!

1> Central Elevator to lower decks

2> Transfer Elevator to Aft MR Deck

3> Engineering Station, 50% of overhaul time is spent here 

4> Small Parts Storage Racks

5> Power Relay Station, connected to generator below

6> Workshop: 5a is tool storage, 5b is a workbench, 5c is the foundry, 5d is a laser drill press, 5e is a lase (laser lathe), and 5f is a focusing lens storage locker for e and f

DECK XI: Workpod Bay Deck

Outer Hull Attention Begins Here

1> Elevator

2> Hatch to workpod bin (x2)

3>  Spacesuit Storage

4> Larger Spare Parts Storage

5> Maintenance Robot Storage (currently empty)

6> Airlock to Outer Hull

7> Generator, driven by the starboard drive

8> Larger Spare Parts Storage

DECK XII: Engine Room

Original Drive Configuration Updated with Streel's Latest


2> Monitoring Equipment

3> Engine Strut/Accessway and Decontamination Chamber, 3a = fuel rod processing bays

4> Drive Access, 25% of overhaul time is spent between here and positions 2, remaining 25% on the exterior of the drives


Aft Hold accounts for 0.5U worth of the overall Cargo Capacity

1> Elevator

2> Tiered Cargo Deck

3> Loading Bay Doors