Cargo and Passenger Decks

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Main Hold, Passenger Deck, and Aft Maneuver Drives

Scale: 1 square = 1.5 meters

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DECK VII: Main Cargo Hold

We store our swag here, matey!

1> Elevators, identical location near cieling of hold as well

2> Airlock, identical location near cieling of hold as well

3> Cargo Arm, travels length of elevator shaft and extends past bay doors

4> Tiered Deck, each sporting hooks and latches to secure cargo

5> Loading Bay Doors

DECK VIII: Passenger Deck

Honor is bestowed upon those occupying these cabins, as they have transported numerous UPF and government officials over the course of history.

1> Elevators

2> Ready Area, troops once greeted officials in military parade dress here. 2a is a folding heavy weapons mount to repel boarders

3> Passenger Gathering Area: 3a is a lounge, 3b is a first class galley (capable of preparing gourmet food) with pantry and cooler, 3c is the dining area

4> Airlock and Universal Docking Collar

5> First Class Cabin: furnished with better quality double bed, dresser & hutch, entertainment console, and table & chairs. 5a is a fresher, 5b is a wardrobe closet

6> Journey Class Cabin: furnished with standard single beds,  dresser, and table & chairs. 6a is a fresher, 6b is a wardrobe closet

7> Emergency Gathering Area

8> Airlock to lifeboat pen, currently no lifeboat

DECK IX: Aft Maneuver Drive

Works in tandem with the fore deck system

Elevators to upper decks

2> Transfer Elevator to Engineering Deck

3> Maneuver Jet Nozzle Banks

4> Fresh Water Tank, 4a is a purification plant