Meet the Crew

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the crew of Space Rats

"Captain" Drago Dawntreader
portrayed by Parriah

 (image generated by Hero Machine software)

Extensive military training in the past, he has served in both Landfleet and Spacefleet. A well rounded individual, he took up the bounty hunting business along the way and had a brief holovision fantasy series based on his life, the latter of which he is reluctant to discuss. Following a career in Spacefleet where his frigate was holed by pirate corvettes, Drago has been eager toget behind the stick again.

Chief Engineer Kashiro Umezege
portrayed by Battousai

(freehand drawing by Battousai) 

Not much is known about this mysterious height-challenged human that hails from Gran Quivera. Silver haired and golden eyed, he is wiley and cunning and his sly sinister grin makes others somewhat uncomfortable.

Chief Medic Shiela DeLong
portrayed by DarthMattox

Former medic aboard a Star Law vessel. Very eager to help those in need, somewhat of a pacifist she will go out of her way to assist someone in trouble. Finds pleasure in the craft of healing and is at home in her brand new medical lab aboard the retrofitted destroyer.

Astrogator Jack "Shotgun" Walker
portrayed by Shadow Shack

(freehand drawing by Shadow Shack) 

A former assistant astrogator that once served on the original Melinda McCoy during his Spacefleet Career, Walker is ecstatic about returning to duty on this revamped vessel. He has a strange obsession with scatterguns, claiming opponents have a difficult time patching their spacesuits effectively.

Lead Gunner Kunghar
portrayed by LordSathar

Kunghar the 187th Scion of House Uth, imigrated to the Frontier in time for the 2nd Sathar War but unable to score any kills, she departed service in favor of the life as a soldier of fortune. She shacked up with a ratty group of spacers and found home on a former UPF destroyer, manning the ship's primary battery weapon.

Anne Marie Welleron

Ex-pirate captain who commanded the assault scout "Carnarian", serving as an ally to MalCo Enterprises until departing out of disrespect on behalf of her crew. Following the 3rd Dramune War, her testimony against MalCo earned her a pardon for her brief time on the other side of the law.