Welcome Aboard the Melinda McCoy

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The SS Melinda McCoy

(Salvaged & Demilitarized UPF Destroyer)

Welcome aboard the SS (formerly UPFS) Melinda McCoy, one of the more colorful vessels of Spacefleet ever to ply the space lanes. She has a rich history, being the pride of Spacefleet serving frequent detached duty missions under Strike Force NOVA. Commissioned during the first Sathar War (she was second in a series of five in its class), she was among Spacefleet's premiere warbirds serving before the formation of the United Planetary Federation.

Sadly that history was ended by the guns of Malco Enterprise and their allied pirate warships in Outer Reach just prior to the third Dramune War, who left her drifting core  in deep space with future intentions of salvage/reconstruction under pirate engineering teams. Those plans were quickly severed as the Dramune War broke out shortly afterwards, with ultimate victory going to Inner Reach and the UPF ships that joined in. She was recovered afterwards by salvage crews and resurrected by a group of eager spacers looking for a fine craft to embark into the Frontier.

Come see what the new owners of this once mighty craft have done with her, as the once legendary warship has been reborn in the guise of a spaceworthy "rat ship".

Her (second) Maiden Voyage

Approaching Boneyard Station over Evergleem (with planet Triad in the background) following a succesful test flight