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Ship's Log

06/01/70 --- characters assemble in a spacers' pub at Evergleem, take out a bounty Dargo was after and collect enough credits to hop a shuttle to Boneyard Station above

06/01/70 --- evening, arrival at Boneyard Station. Meet owner and a dralasite guide that takes the party around the salvage section, looking at the various complete/near complete vessels and salvaged hulls that are available for purchase.

06/01/70 --- night, group decides on a UPF destroyer hull: CC-2543 that formerly served as the UPFS Melinda McCoy before being destroyed by a crime syndicate. Drives, mainframe computer, and life support equipment are purchased as well.

06/02/70 --- destroyer hull is moved to a private bay for reconstruction. Drives, mainframe computer, and life support equipment are delivered to the bay. Characters recieve complimentary rooms and docking space until the ship is sealed up and airtight. Work begins immediately.

06/40/70 --- the hull is finally airight! All hull plating is repaired and replaced, drives mounted. Mainframe computer installed and main life support unit connected on the engineering deck. Mainframe activated and the ship breathes life for the first time (again).

07/02/70 --- Crew cabins refurnished as is the medical bay. Crew moves in, normal docking fees begin at 500Cr/month. Paid up until 08/01/70. Generator jump started by a fellow space rat crew, limited power for 3-4 days

07/03/70 --- Astrogation equipment and additional computer panels acquired, along with two workpods, subspace radio, cannon and electron battery, and ICM launchers

07/06/70 --- #1 drive operational, spent uranium pellet recieved from another fellow space rat crew. Divided between both drives it is sufficient for a test run but little more. More importantly, after the engine fires power surges into the generator and relay station for unlimited juice within.

07/07/70 --- astrogation equipment installed/repaired

07/08/70 --- weapons and defenses installed

07/09/70 --- Maneuver jet banks acquired along with a large launch, radar unit, cargo arm, skin sensors, and more computer software. Cargo hold expansion begins

07/10/70 --- mainframe computer uploaded with new software

07/13/70 --- maneuver jet banks installed, functionality addressed next

07/15/70 --- #2 drive finished and operational

07/20/70 --- cargo hold expansion complete

07/22/70 --- maneuver systems operational, radar and other smaller systems installed

07/30/70 --- all basic work complete, first test of every system innitiated. Several bugs detected and addressed, second test goes off without a hitch.

07/31/70 --- overalls and full maintenance commence, 12 days estimated before first flight.

07/32/70 --- Dawntreader and Walker venture into the station looking for any possible bounties to raise some capital to purchase fuel and other items that the initial budget may not cover. They hire out an independant Space Rat shuttle pilot and head out to Triad Station. En Route, they get news from Shiela and Kashiro about the business types looking to hire bounty hunters, the same ones that approached Dargo in the Spacer's Pub. Kunghar is getting antsy for action.

08/01/70 --- Berthing dues...Walker locates a suitable cargo: 3 units of generators.