About the Melinda McCoy

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A Brief History

Entry In Jayne's Fighting Ships on Melinda McCoy  

Melinda McCoy

UPF Destroyer
Destroyed: 9/38/61

CC 2543

Melinda McCoy was the second in a class of 5 destroyers commissioned during the First Sathar War. They were renamed for 5 sisters who served under the legendary Admiral Vincent Morgaine. It was long believed that no one survived the destruction of Morgaine's cruiser, but recent research has found a verified transcript of a single survivor. He jetisoned the abandon ship per general orders from the XO to all crew members. The five sisters however stayed at thier posts and were the only living crew on the ship as it destroyed the lead sathar cruiser and broke the formation.

The names in order were Belinda McCoy, class namesake of the Destroyer group, Melinda McCoy, Melissa McCoy, Marissa McCoy, and Maria McCoy. The Melinda McCoy, along with the Assault Scout UPFS Dirk, was destroyed prior to the Third Dramune War while they were shadowing and investigating the legendary SS Gullwind as she entered the Dramune system. She was the last active duty vessel of her kind. The only remaining operational relics from the first Sathar War are currently decommissioned and disarmed, stationed at historical locations as tourist attractions.

Techs and Specs

HS: 6 HP: 50 Powerplant: 2 Streel "Big Bang" Atomic B
ADF: 3 MR: 3 DCR: 60 Crew: currently 5
Armament: Heavy Laser Cannon, Electron Beam Battery; 2 open hardpoints/40 cubic meters of allocated space remaining
Defenses: RH, ICM (x5); 30 cubic meters of allocated space remaining
Communication/Detection Equipment: Subspace radio, radar; intercom network, skin sensors

Cargo Capacity: 4.5 (4u main hold w/cargo arm + 0.5u forward hold)
Crew Accomodations: 9 double occupancy cabins
Passenger Accomodation: 4 double occupancy cabins (2 1st Class/2 Journey Class); 4 frozen storage class berths (brig)
Ship's Vehicles: 2 workpods, large Launch

Misc Equipment: Cargo Arm

LVL: 4 fp: 194 SP: 100

Alarm (2)
Analysis (4)
Astrogation (4)
Commerce (1)
Computer Lockout (4)
Computer Security (4)
Damage Control (2)
Drive, Atomic (5)
Electron Beam Battery (2)
Information Storage (1)
Installation Security (4)
Interceptor Missile (3)
Laboratory, Medical (3)
Laser Cannon (1)
Life Support {capacity:24} (1)
Maintenance (2)

Component Age:
Hull - 72 years
Drives - 5 years
Maneuver Jets: 30 years
Computer: new
Astrogation equipment: 41 years
LS: new
Weapons: HLC - new, EB - 24 years
Defenses: ICM launchers - 18 years
SSradio: 26 years
Radar: 9 years
Intercom: new
cargo arm: 15 years
Ship's Vehicles: workpods - 9 years, launch - 3 years

Deck Arrangement
(see diagram below)

1a >  Forward Observation
1>     Bridge
2>     Forward Hold
3>     Fore MR banks
4>     Crew Quarters
5>     Gunnery Deck
6>     Administration
7>     Main Cargo Hold
8>     Passenger Deck
9>     Aft MR banks
10>   Engineering
11>   Workpod Bays
12>   Engine Room
13>   Aft Hold